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Food logs for weeks 7-10 are up!

Sunday, February 4, 2007 by  
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My food log for the period of February 12, 2007 – March 11, 2007 has been completed and posted! You can check it out here. Let’s look at some of the changes…

The first thing you’ll likely notice is that my daily caloric intake has been reduced significantly: about 500 fewer calories on non-training days, and 200-450 fewer calories on training days. You’ll also notice that my food intake is the same for all training days (you may recall that for the first six weeks I had two different training day meal plans).

There are only a couple new foods for this segment of my cut. Cod fish will be utilized extensively, and a whole egg has been added to meal #1 on my training days. Red meat consumption has been reduced.

My overall protein consumption has been reduced, but is still quite high at about 375 grams per day. My fat intake has also been reduced somewhat. My carbohydrate intake has actually been increased on training days, and will remain more or less the same as the first six weeks on non-training days.

Let talk a bit about my supplement plan for weeks 7-10. First, the only entirely new supplement I’m going to be adding is vitamin C. I’ll also start using Udo’s Choice oil caps instead of the Beverly EFA Gold caps, and will replace Universal’s “Animal Pak” multi with Beverly’s “Super Pak” multi. My new supplement intake has been carefully engineered to guard against muscle loss while I’m in a caloric deficit (and doing increased cardio – more on that in a minute). My BCAA intake will be increased prior, during and after training; vitamin C will be utilized prior to cardio, as well as pre- and post-training; Glutamine consumption around training times will be increased, and Glutamine will also be taken pre-cardio. Mass amino consumption has been increased across the board.

My cardio will be increasing slightly: I’ll be performing three 30-minute LISS cardio sessions per week, first thing in the morning, fasted.

My thanks goes out to JSF forum member Mastover for his expertise, professionalism and kind assistance with my 2007 cutting phase. Mastover is a USBF & NBI Professional Natural bodybuilder, and is an incredible source of knowledge when it comes to intense training and pre-contest “hardcore” dieting for natural trainees.

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