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Superbowl dietary challenge passed; “What’s your secret?”

Monday, February 5, 2007 by  
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If you are following my cutting diet and missed yesterday’s update, you might want to check it out: I posted my meal plan and analysis for weeks 7-10 of my cut. The new meal plan will take effect on February 12th.

As you may know, yesterday was a very difficult test of my resolve. I’m happy to report that I passed the Superbowl dietary gauntlet with flying colors. Everyone around me was eating things like snack mix, cheeses, crackers, chocolate covered cookies and other goodies and my mouth was pretty much watering all day long. A couple of times I came very close to reaching out and picking up a cracker and some cheese, or a handful of snack mix (which I know would have turned into 332 handfuls), but I resisted.

The snacks were merely a warmup test of my willpower: I prepared an incredible beer-braised roast pork for everyone (but me), and the smell was intoxicating. The roast came out absolutely perfect! It was tender and moist, and the meat fell away from the bone with the slightest touch. On one hand I loved hearing everyone rave about how good the roast was, but those comments also intensified my cravings! I timed my own dinner perfectly with the roast, and mercifully sat down to my steak, green beans and a big salad with olive oil at the same time everyone else was eating dinner.

By the time I finished doing the dishes my dinner had settled and I felt quite satiated. The best part was the unique feeling of satisfaction that comes whenever I succeed in passing a difficult test of my willpower.

Some of you may be thinking, “Why torture yourself? What’s the harm in having one meal off your diet!” As a singular event if I’d indulged last night it wouldn’t have had much of an impact at all. I know this! So why did I do it? Because I enjoy the challenge. Because I enjoy testing myself. Because I enjoy paying attention to the things that most people consider superfluous. Because last night’s test was more than a single meal, it was part of a commitment I made to stay on my diet 100% until I reach my goal of 6% body fat.

The little things do add up, and they do make a difference. People often ask me, “What’s your secret?” I just told you.

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