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Strength is up; Fat loss going well; Making your dreams a reality.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007 by  
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While on a fat loss diet (“cutting”) it can be quite a challenge to maintain very high intensity levels throughout difficult strength training workouts – especially if your cutting diet involves reduced carbs. My carbohydrate intake has remained very high for this year’s cutting diet (weeks 1-6 | weeks 7-10), and I can really feel the difference in the gym. I’m in my sixth week of cutting, and last night I tied my all-time best deadlift record! The best part is that I know I can go heavier, and I will next week. I can’t believe I’m actually getting stronger while cutting! I feel this is possible is because I’m still eating a lot of food, the food I’m eating is very healthy, I am getting plenty of carbohydrates, my supplement regimen is spot-on and the lifting routine I’m using contains sets specifically designed to focus on increasing my strength.

Of course my primary goal is FAT LOSS. So far so good. My fat loss progress has been excellent: I’ve already lost nearly two inches of waist and every area of my body is slowly tightening up.

I’ve always been fascinated by the slow changes we are capable of making to our bodies. Watching my body develop in response to hard work and a good diet has always been a huge motivator for me. If you are willing to make your body composition goals a priority in your life, huge changes are possible in just a few months. Remember, at this time in 2003 I was fat and out of shape (but working hard to change that). By the summer of 2003 I had a six-pack for the first time in my life. Many people who don’t know better think that sort of transformation is impossible, but they are dead wrong. I’m nothing special; I just decided enough was enough and took action. You, too, can make it happen, but you’ve got to make fitness a priority in your life. You’ve got to dedicate yourself 100% to reaching your goal and you have to REALLY want it. The very first step is to visualize how you want to look, then you have to believe with all your heart that you can really do it. Don’t put it off another day!

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