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New picture; Taking your workouts for granted; Get things in perspective.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007 by  
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I had a an excellent workout last night (pecs & triceps), and I posted a new progress picture in my media thread.

Every time I do upper body work I can’t help but think about my bad shoulders (especially my right shoulder), and how grateful I am to be able to lift. Whenever I don’t really feel like working out, I think back to the 10 month period from November 2003 through August 2004. As you may know, during most of those long 10 months my bad shoulder prevented me from doing any upper body work at all. At the time I remember thinking how I would give almost anything to be able to lift again! Keeping that difficult period of time fresh in my mind is very motivational for me – especially if I feel like skipping a workout. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I still think that if I skip a workout it would be tantamount to taking my shoulder for granted. In my experience taking something for granted is a sure-fire way to have it yanked away.

If you look at your workouts as a chore and a burden, then they will be just that. You need to change your thinking, because perspective is everything. I look at each workout as a gift, an opportunity to push myself to new heights and a vehicle for physical & mental improvement. No matter how predictable, stressful, dull or hectic my day is going, I love knowing that I am going to leave it all behind as I walk through the doors of my gym at the end of the day…

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