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New laptop, Vista networking computer question (solved).

Saturday, February 10, 2007 by  
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Sorry about the 2-week delay in announcing the newest JSF sponsor. We are officially “go” for a Monday launch, so look for the announcement (along with some special savings and gifts for JSF members) then.

My old laptop died awhile ago, and I finally got around to picking up a new one. It’s far from high-end, but it’s way faster than my old laptop. My old laptop was a Toshiba Satellite, and I liked it a lot, so I stuck with Toshiba and picked up the Satellite P105-S6177. One of the first things I did was upgrade the Vista Home Premium O/S to Vista Ultimate. The process was very easy and only took about an hour. I had to upgrade because Vista Home editions don’t allow you to remote desktop into the machine, and they also don’t allow the computer to join a domain (simple file sharing only).

So I’ve been thrashing around a bit and so far I’ve managed to get just about everything set up as I like it – with one exception. As many of you know, I’m not much of a Windows guy: I’m primarily a Cisco & Unix/Linux admin. I use Windows for my home computers and laptops, and I begrudgingly administer a few W2K and even NT servers, but my knowledge level with complex Windows networks in a corporate environment is somewhat limited. I do run my home network with a domain controller for Windows access control on my LAN, but I have what is probably a simple problem for you Microsoft gurus:

When I put my laptop on my LAN here at home, I join the local domain and everything works as expected. The problem is this: when I take my laptop off-site and join a new domain (or logon to the laptop using a local account) all my profile settings are, of course, different because I’m using a different account. So, for example, if I set up 30 SSH profiles in my SSH client while logged in under my domain account, they no longer exist if I log in using my local account. Obviously I can copy this data manually, but I don’t want to have to keep two accounts in sync like that. Is there a way to share profiles so my domain account and my local account automatically use the same profile, settings and perms? Drop me a line, PM me or start a thread on the forum if you can help.

I realize this has nothing to do with fitness, but I do use my laptop to help keep JSF running, so indirectly this is going to benefit JSF! 🙂 Thanks for indulging what is probably a very simplistic Windows networking question!

EDIT: My stupid question has been answered. :o Thanks c0ntradictum.

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