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Fat loss progress is stalled; Mainstream media Nitrean endorsement.

Sunday, February 11, 2007 by  
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I’m officially in a fat loss plateau. Eleven days into the month of February and my weight, body fat percentage and measurements are all identical to where they were on the first of the month. Because I’ve been so dedicated to my diet and training, I have to admit that I’m fighting feelings of discouragement this morning. However, by now I know very well that plateaus are a fact of dieting. We all go through them. It’s important that I keep in mind that this stall is just another test of my resolve. The fat will start coming off again very soon…

Tomorrow my food intake and cardio schedule changes to the weeks 7-10 plan. My caloric intake will be further reduced, some new foods will be utilized and my cardio will be increased. These changes should get my fat loss progress moving in the right direction again.

AtLarge Nutrition’s Nitrean got an unsolicited endorsement in the March issue of “Men’s Health” magazine. The thrust of the blurb was that a protein blend is far superior to plain old whey protein powder. It’s nice to see that the benefits of a blended powder are finally being touted in mainstream media. I sure don’t need any convincing: Nitrean is the only protein powder I use, and I’ve had excellent results with it. Check out the article and discussion in this thread on the forum.

The new JSF sponsor will be officially announced tomorrow, so see you then! Have a great Sunday.

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