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Wardrobe changes; Summer is coming!

Friday, February 16, 2007 by  
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As some of you know, I have a wardrobe specifically for when I’m bulking and another set of clothes for when I’m at lower body fat percentages. I outgrew most of my bulking wardrobe this past bulk: excluding tanks and T-shirts, I can’t get the majority of my shirts over my arms, and the shirts that I actually can squeeze into are way too tight in the chest and shoulders. My “regular” non-bulking shirts are even more ridiculously impossible to wear. I’m waiting until I reach my target body fat percentage (6%) to go shopping for new clothes.

I had to run a few errands yesterday and it was a little too chilly for shorts (I know, I’m breaking the hearts of you Northerners – sorry). Because nothing else fits, my choice of shirt was very limited: several XXL T-shirts. I chose a big plain grey shirt, mostly because it was on top of everything else in the drawer. Next, I grabbed my “bulking” jeans (Levi’s “Silver Tab”, 34″ waist, extra large thighs) and put them on. They were falling off my waist, and didn’t feel so tight in the thighs. Cool! I decided to grab my favorite pair of jeans (Levi’s “560”, 32″ waist, big thighs) and try them on. I could not even get the “560s” past my quads a few months ago, but yesterday they went right on. They were still a little snug in the upper leg area, but there was a little play. The best part was they fit in the waist. Of course they were not as loose as they are when I’m sub-10% body fat, but they were very comfortable.

Paying attention to these kinds of things always add more fuel to my motivational fire. Every day brings me a little closer to my goals. The days start to add up pretty quickly, and before I know it I’ll be at my final destination. Summer will be here in a few months, and there’s still plenty of time to make big changes of you want to. Remember, the excuses you make now are not going to change how you look in a few months when you dig out your summer clothes. Only one thing is going to do that, and that’s hard work.

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