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Down to 220.5/11% body fat; 15% off APT sale!

Sunday, February 18, 2007 by  
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My current non-training day meal plan, combined with my morning cardio on non-training days, seems to be very effective at “drying” me out. This morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror, I looked noticeably leaner than I’ve been in many months. Sure enough, when I stepped onto the scale I was down a whopping 1.5 pounds since yesterday morning, and down to a new 2007 cutting low of 220.5 pounds.

Obviously that overnight weight loss was mostly water. I think what’s happening is that I’m losing fat but holding water during the week, and that water is temporarily obfuscating my fat loss. This water retention is likely due to my higher evening carb/higher calorie workout-day meal plans and my body’s extreme sensitivity to carbs. On non-training days I’m not eating any carbs after 4:00 PM (except for broccoli and a little pineapple), and this approach has always worked well for me. I remember during my initial weight loss back in 2003 I intuitively dropped carbs later in the day and it worked very well for me.

Mastover – the mastermind behind my 2007 cutting diet – has even suggested that he may cut my carbs on training days – specifically PWO meal #2. Further, he has informed me that my cutting diet may change on a regular basis very soon. I’ve heard talk of several low calorie days followed by a big “refeed” day along with some other new (to me) approaches, all of which are designed to keep my body burning the fat while sparing muscle. I will, of course, update my food logs as required, even if my diet is changing on a daily basis. The next few months are going to be very exciting and educational for me and, I hope, those of you who are following along.

I’ll be taking (and posting) my weekly measurements tomorrow morning, but I did take some preliminary measurements this morning because I felt so lean. I’m officially moving my body fat percentage down to 11% as of today. I’ll post the rest of my new stats tomorrow morning. I’ll just say it’s been a good week. 🙂

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