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Huge response to yesterday’s update; Measurement Monday.

Monday, February 26, 2007 by  
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Within five minutes of yesterday’s Daily News article hitting the server, the emails began to flood in. The response was completely overwhelming. Reading your emails stirred up a lot of my own old memories and emotions. The one thing I kept reading over and over is how many of you are currently struggling with the same issues I once grappled with. Obesity, drugs, alcohol, negativity, cigarettes, addiction… it’s a painful existence, and sometimes there seems to be no way out. There is always an answer, but I don’t profess to have the solution you are searching for. All I’m qualified to do is tell my story. For me, getting in shape, working out and eating right provided me with whatever it was I needed to rid my life of drugs. I suspect that the same may be true for many of you, and those things sure can’t hurt. Whatever you do, don’t put it off. When I was in my early 20s, I knew I had a bad problem but there always seemed to be so much time to worry about it later. The next thing I knew I was in my mid-30s and worse off than ever. Time creeps up on you faster than you realize, trust me.

February  24, 2007

February 24, 2007

OK – it’s “Measurement Monday”. This morning I weighed in at a 2007 cutting low of 218 pounds. I’d put my body fat percent in the mid-to-low 10% range. My waist and hips are down another quarter inch from last week, my quads are down another half inch. My arms are still between 17.75 and 18 inches, and were actually a little closer to 18 inches this week than they were last week! My chest, forearms and calves are all unchanged. A very good week indeed!

As you can see, my abs are starting to tighten up, and most of my remaining fat is just below my belly button. The next 10-15 pounds of fat loss is going to make a huge difference in my mid-section. This picture was taken Saturday night with no pump, right after dinner.

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