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Are you wasting your life?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 by  
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There’s no getting around it now: summer will be here in no time! The coldest months of the year are behind us and students are heading to the beaches en mass to celebrate Spring Break. Winter clothes will soon be packed away to make room for summer wardrobes.

Even though it gets quite hot here in Florida, I absolutely love the summer time: Long sunny days, pool parties, trips to the beach, barbecues, jet skiing, long walks with the dogs, water skiing, extended top-down drives on shady country roads, brainless “popcorn” movies, washing the car in the cooler evening hours… even the yard work is usually enjoyable.

Yes, I’d have to say that summer is my favorite of all the seasons, and it was definitely my favorite season when I was a kid, too. Things changed when I was obese in my late 20s and early 30s. I hated the summer then. I was too embarrassed to wear shorts, and I was always hot and uncomfortable. I never got any sun because I was too ashamed to take my shirt off. I didn’t go anywhere near a beach or a pool for years and years. I mowed the lawn as little as possible, and when I finally did get out there to do the yard work I’d wear jeans and a big shirt to hide my body. My cars would go years without being washed. I hated to leave my house unless it was totally necessary. I’d spend all day in my air-conditioned shell, eating, smoking, drinking and watching television. My life was wasting away, and for years and years I just let it happen.

Four years ago I made the choice to change. I got fighting mad, and that anger helped fire me up to do something about my health and body. We only get one chance at this life, and I was seriously blowing it. If you share some of these feelings and you can identify with what I’ve said today, then do something about it! Not tomorrow, not next week – RIGHT NOW. Don’t waste another day of your life because you will never, ever get it back.

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