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A good couple of months; Get well soon, Turtle!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007 by  
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February sure flew by! I can’t believe it’s already the last day of the month. I may not be allowing myself any “cheat” meals during this cut, but I am going to take a moment this morning to shamelessly pat myself on the back for adhering 100% to my self-imposed cutting guidelines thus far. I’ve not missed a single workout, cardio session, or meal. I’ve not eaten even a single bite of food that is not in my posted meal plan.

There have been quite a few dietary temptations over the past two months (New Year’s Day, my two-week January vacation, Superbowl Sunday and Valentine’s day come immediately to mind), but I knew that what I was doing was more than just a fat loss diet: it was a test of my determination, mental toughness, willpower and resolve. The rules I’ve set for myself are quite strict, and it’s taken a fair amount of self-discipline to remain faithful to them. This is the first time since my initial cut back in 2003 that I’ve been so single-minded and hardnosed when it comes to my diet. While it’s been tough at times, I have to admit that I’m enjoying the challenge. Of course the progress I’m making is a very nice reward indeed!

Speaking of progress, I’ll be taking my monthly progress pictures tomorrow morning and posting them here. I promise to remember to smile this month.



I’m going to get a little personal for a moment. I haven’t mentioned this before, but this has been a very tough couple of weeks for me. One of my dogs, Turtle, underwent a very serious surgery yesterday. She had a herniated disc that was pressing against her spinal cord and was in a tremendous amount of pain. The surgery went fairly well, but obviously the problem is in a very tricky and sensitive area. Unfortunately there were some complications during the surgery: Turtle was bleeding quite a lot, and they couldn’t continue to control it, so the Neurologist had to close her up before she was 100% sure that she got all the disc material away from her spinal cord. They are pretty sure another surgery won’t be necessary, but the recovery is going to be painful and difficult.

More     Turtle!

More Turtle!

Turtle was abused and abandoned before we rescued her nine years ago. In the time we’ve had her she’s undergone a transformation of her own, from a sad, skittish and scared dog to a wonderful, energetic, friendly and trusting family member. This whole ordeal has been very hard on all of us. We can’t even bring Turtle home until Saturday at the earliest, and this is the first time she’s ever been away from our home and away from us. I’m sure she’s very scared, in pain, confused and perhaps feeling abandoned. Lisa and I are going to visit her this morning and every day until she can come home. I’m a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, so please send your positive energy and thoughts her way.

Get well soon, Turtle!

Even more    Turtle!

Even more Turtle!

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