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Down to 220.5/11% body fat; 15% off APT sale!

My current non-training day meal plan, combined with my morning cardio on non-training days, seems to be very effective at “drying” me out. This morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror, I looked noticeably leaner than I’ve been in many months. Sure enough, when I stepped onto the scale I was down a whopping 1.5 pounds since yesterday morning, and down to a new 2007 cutting low of 220.5 pounds. Obviously that… [Read more]

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Perfect weather; Lisa’s back; All lost in the supermarket.

I know this is going to grate on the nerves of some of you who are buried in snow (sorry!), but I’ve really been enjoying the cold snap we’ve been experiencing here in Central Florida the past few days. It’s just above freezing right now (34? F), and this is truly about as close as we get to “Winter” around here. The high today is expected to be around 60 degrees, and the skies are… [Read more]

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Wardrobe changes; Summer is coming!

As some of you know, I have a wardrobe specifically for when I’m bulking and another set of clothes for when I’m at lower body fat percentages. I outgrew most of my bulking wardrobe this past bulk: excluding tanks and T-shirts, I can’t get the majority of my shirts over my arms, and the shirts that I actually can squeeze into are way too tight in the chest and shoulders. My “regular” non-bulking shirts are… [Read more]

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Non-training day meal plan report; New recipe.

Yesterday was the first non-training day of my week 7-10 cutting plan. Yesterday was also the first time my daily caloric intake has been below 3,000 in a long time, and the first time on this cut that I felt hunger pangs between meals. Believe it or not, I was happy to feel a little extra hungry as the time for each meal approached. I finally feel like I am on a cutting diet! Sure… [Read more]

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The single best piece of advice I’ve ever dispensed.

Man, yesterday’s workout (pecs & triceps) was outstanding! I’m not 100% sure what’s going on, but so far this week I’ve felt exceptionally good in the gym. Everything is just “clicking”. Things were already going great, so this is really cool! I feel stronger and more energetic now than I did when I was bulking! So I’ve been thinking about why that is… A few things jump out at me: My diet changed on Monday,… [Read more]

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New personal deadlift record; 500-lb 1RM DL attempt; New picture.

Last night I finally broke my deadlift personal best (for reps), which was set during my 2006 bulk. I’m especially pleased about the strength gain because I’m six weeks into a cut! I also attempted a 1RM deadlift of 500-lbs, and failed. I made the attempt after all my working sets of deadlifts, so that was definitely not the best way to go about it. I’m going to give it another try next week before… [Read more]

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New JSF Sponsor – APT Pro Wrist Straps (and much, much more!)

I’m very proud to welcome John Stone Fitness’ newest sponsor: APT’s Pro Wrist Straps! As the name of their company suggests, APT sells an incredible variety of high quality wrist straps, but that’s just the beginning of their extensive catalog of product offerings for people who do any kind of strength training. Here’s a short list of just some of the items you’ll find on APT’s web site: Wrist wraps, knee wraps, lifting straps, grippers,… [Read more]

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Fat loss progress is stalled; Mainstream media Nitrean endorsement.

I’m officially in a fat loss plateau. Eleven days into the month of February and my weight, body fat percentage and measurements are all identical to where they were on the first of the month. Because I’ve been so dedicated to my diet and training, I have to admit that I’m fighting feelings of discouragement this morning. However, by now I know very well that plateaus are a fact of dieting. We all go through… [Read more]

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New laptop, Vista networking computer question (solved).

Sorry about the 2-week delay in announcing the newest JSF sponsor. We are officially “go” for a Monday launch, so look for the announcement (along with some special savings and gifts for JSF members) then. My old laptop died awhile ago, and I finally got around to picking up a new one. It’s far from high-end, but it’s way faster than my old laptop. My old laptop was a Toshiba Satellite, and I liked it… [Read more]

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I love Fridays; New “Favorite Things” item: Weber Genesis Gold C grill.

I love Fridays! Not just because they are the end of my work week, but also because Friday night is one of my favorite workouts: delts & traps. I love how my delts and traps look when they are all pumped up. My goal is to make them look that good without a pump! Also, working delts and traps really brings out the vascularity in my arms and shoulders. I’ve noticed increasingly pronounced vascularity on… [Read more]

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