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It may be cliché, but failing to plan is indeed planning to fail.

My fat loss progress has begun to level off this week, so it looks like the new meal plan I’ll be starting this Monday has been perfectly timed. In addition to the reduction in calories, I’ll also be eating a couple new foods. Further, most of my meals will be different than they were for the first six weeks. For example, at 11:00 AM on training days I’ve been eating 90g Nitrean and 1 Tbsp… [Read more]

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New picture; Taking your workouts for granted; Get things in perspective.

I had a an excellent workout last night (pecs & triceps), and I posted a new progress picture in my media thread. Every time I do upper body work I can’t help but think about my bad shoulders (especially my right shoulder), and how grateful I am to be able to lift. Whenever I don’t really feel like working out, I think back to the 10 month period from November 2003 through August 2004. As… [Read more]

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Strength is up; Fat loss going well; Making your dreams a reality.

While on a fat loss diet (“cutting”) it can be quite a challenge to maintain very high intensity levels throughout difficult strength training workouts – especially if your cutting diet involves reduced carbs. My carbohydrate intake has remained very high for this year’s cutting diet (weeks 1-6 | weeks 7-10), and I can really feel the difference in the gym. I’m in my sixth week of cutting, and last night I tied my all-time best… [Read more]

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Superbowl dietary challenge passed; “What’s your secret?”

If you are following my cutting diet and missed yesterday’s update, you might want to check it out: I posted my meal plan and analysis for weeks 7-10 of my cut. The new meal plan will take effect on February 12th. As you may know, yesterday was a very difficult test of my resolve. I’m happy to report that I passed the Superbowl dietary gauntlet with flying colors. Everyone around me was eating things like… [Read more]

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Food logs for weeks 7-10 are up!

My food log for the period of February 12, 2007 – March 11, 2007 has been completed and posted! You can check it out here. Let’s look at some of the changes… The first thing you’ll likely notice is that my daily caloric intake has been reduced significantly: about 500 fewer calories on non-training days, and 200-450 fewer calories on training days. You’ll also notice that my food intake is the same for all training… [Read more]

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Incredibly consistent fat loss so far; Shopping day.

I’m amazed at how consistent my fat loss progress has been so far this cut. Maybe I shouldn’t be. After all, I’m eating the exact same meals on the same days and in the same proportions week after week. Also, I feel that not having cheat meals has benefited me a great deal. Eating clean all week and then having a cheat meal always made me feel like I was taking two steps forward and… [Read more]

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How I’m preparing my oats; Eye of round.

A couple people have emailed me recently asking how I’m preparing my oats these days. I’m not using milk or any kind of syrup or syrup-like products (or it would be shown in my food logs), but I do add a little Stevia and ground cinnamon. With 2 cups of cooked oats, I find that 2 packets of Stevia and a few shakes of cinnamon are about perfect. I used to use Splenda, but Stevia… [Read more]

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New monthly photos; Sponsor announcement delayed.

My new monthly pictures are up! I forgot to smile, sorry. 🙂 This past month I lost a little over 12 pounds and reduced my body fat from around 14% to about 12%. As I predicted yesterday, the differences between my end of bulk pictures and today’s pictures are not groundbreaking (for a side-by-side comparison, check the monthly photos: front | profile), but they do represent a very solid start to this year’s cutting phase…. [Read more]

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