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The mind is a powerful thing; New photo comparison: “Four 215s”.

Friday, March 2, 2007 by  
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I had a sub-par performance in the gym last night. Now that my dog Turtle is finally home and safe, I think all those restless nights and all that stress that I’ve been trying to ignore came pouring out. I really didn’t feel like working out, but I forced myself to get in there and give it my best shot. In the middle of my workout Turtle cried out in pain. There are probably only two or three things that I’ll allow to interrupt my workout, and that’s one of them. I ran in to check on her and she was fine. She was just feeling some intense post-op pain as she adjusted her position in bed. That event actually inspired me. I thought to myself, “What are you whining about? Being TIRED?! Imagine how Turtle feels.” I went back into the gym and had a very strong finish to my workout. What changed in the space of that 4 minutes? Nothing but my mindset.

One of the advantages of taking so many pictures over the years is that I can go back and do all kinds of fun, semi-interesting comparisons. I’ve got another one ready for today. Yesterday evening it dawned on me that in my latest monthly photos I am almost the exact same weight at which I started this whole thing. I checked back though my picture archives, and I was at this same weight a couple of other times over the past four years, too. I put them all side by side, and I like the direction I’m heading. I feel that the most interesting difference between the bulk I just completed and the other two post-bulking shots shown below is the improvement I made to my upper body width. My lats and shoulders have come a long way, and those two things make a big difference. As I continue to cut, these improvements will become even more pronounced because my waist will be smaller.

Four 215s

Four 215s

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