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Measurement Monday; New body fat measurement method starting this week.

Monday, March 5, 2007 by  
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I’ve got a very busy day ahead, and a lot ground to cover in this morning’s update…

First, it is “Measurement Monday” once again, and it’s been another excellent week. This past week I lost another quarter inch from my waist, my thighs and my chest, and I lost a whopping half inch from my hips. My forearms, calves and upper arms all remained the same. I hate seeing my chest measurement go down, but I do store a fair amount of fat in that location when I’m bulking so this is expected.

As for my current weight and body fat percentage, I’m down to 214.4 pounds (a 2007 cutting low) and an unknown body fat percentage. If you read Saturday’s update, you already know why I’m choosing to say “unknown body fat percentage” for the time being. If you didn’t read Saturday’s update, you might want to give it a quick gander now (well, maybe not “quick”: it’s actually a fairly lengthy article).

I’m actually very glad the subject of the accuracy (or lack thereof) of my reported body fat percentages came up. I’ve always strived to be as accurate as possible with everything I post on my site. I feel it is very important to present the data and pictures that I accumulate along my fitness journey without prejudice – even if I have to go back and admit a mistake. After Saturday’s update, I think one of the best suggestions to come out of the ensuing discussion was to use a 9-point caliper test instead of the 3-point test I have been using. A 9-point caliper test will provide a far more accurate assessment of my true body fat percentage. Today I’ll be ordering the FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers from the JSF Amazon Mall. These calipers have the Jackson-Pollack 3 and 7-point equations built in, but they will also allow me to take 9-point measurements and compute my body fat manually using other formulas. I will have them overnighted to me so they will be here tomorrow. Wednesday morning I’ll report my finding with the new caliper.

If you are following my cutting diet and missed yesterday’s update, there has been a small change to my week 10 cutting plan. Check out yesterday’s update for more information.

That’s about it for this morning. Have a great Monday!

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