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New food logs posted for weeks 11 & 12.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007 by  
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My new FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Caliper didn’t arrive until last night, literally seconds before my workout started. I didn’t have a chance to play around with them at all, so I won’t be able to post my 7 and 9-point body fat tests until at least tomorrow. I want to practice with them and make sure I’m getting consistent measurements before I post anything. Otherwise, what’s the point?

I have my meal plan for weeks 11 & 12 ready to go. You can check it out here. Let’s go over the changes…

First, my training day food intake has been reduced by 300 calories to 2811 calories. My carbs have been dropped from 278 grams to about 200 grams. My protein consumption has been increased to nearly 400 grams. Foods choices remain the same, however I’ll be eating more cod and less chicken. Supplement intake has changed slightly, mainly a little less creatine and a little more EFAs.

On non-training days my caloric reduction is much smaller: around 70 calories per day, and those calories are coming from carbs. I’m still getting plenty of carbs, though: about 150 grams per day. Supplement intake remains the same.

My cardio frequency and style remains the same – fasted LISS three times per week on non-training days – but the duration of each session has been increased to 40 minutes.

These new meal plans will take effect on Monday, March 12th. I’ll be running them for just two weeks, so expect a new set of plans sometime before March 25th.

As always, a huge “thank you” to USBF & NBI Pro Natural Bodybuilder Mastover for all his kind assistance with my 2007 cutting program.

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