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Natural selection (…and I’m not talking about Darwin!)

Friday, March 9, 2007 by  
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At the beginning of this year’s cut, I remember wondering if I’d enjoy eye of round steak. I’d never had it before, but its reputation for being a very tough cut of meat was well known to me. I remember the first time I ate it I thought it was a bit tough, but the flavor was awesome (I prepare mine on the grill). Last night I was devouring my eye of round, and it dawned on me that I don’t even notice the tougher texture anymore. At this point I just consider it a very enjoyable, very tasty meal. Because I’m so strict with my diet and I don’t eat cheat meals, it really does feel like a cheat meal compared to my other foods. I look forward to training days not just because I love to train, but also because I enjoy my second post-workout meal so much! Eye of round is such a lean, healthy cut of meat that it can be eaten fairly regularly without the health concerns that are usually associated with red meat consumption. Another nice bonus is that it’s very inexpensive. I get mine at Costco, and then cut the steaks to size myself. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of eating this meal.

Another dietary staple that I’ve eaten almost every day for more than four years is egg whites. Egg whites are a nearly perfect source of protein, and I never get sick of them. My current cutting diet also calls for chicken breast (which I grill in advance), and what I’ve been doing is heating the chicken breast up, then cutting it into small pieces and cooking it in with my egg whites. It’s delicious!

For a great carb source, look no further than oats. There’s a very good reason that oats are utilized by just about every bodybuilder on the planet: they are an excellent source of complex carbs and are very low in fat. I prepare my oats in water, then I mix in some all natural Stevia and cinnamon. The oats are extra tasty when eaten while sipping on strong black coffee. The taste reminds me of when I used to eat doughnuts for some reason.

If you are eating processed food items, try replacing them with natural products. After a few weeks you will see and feel the difference, I promise!

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