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Good progress this week; My morning mirror ritual; Staying focused on your goals.

Thursday, March 15, 2007 by  
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Part of my morning ritual is to briefly examine my body in the mirror. This act is not done out of vanity – it is done with a very critical eye. I try to be as objective as possible, and take careful note of any changes – both good and bad. As an aside, at this stage in my cutting progress it’s amazing how much leaner I look first thing in the morning as compared to later in the day.

So, this morning when I looked in the mirror the very first thing I noticed was amazing vascularity in my arms. I’m positive that the vascularity I noticed this morning was not nearly as pronounced yesterday morning. Sure enough, when I stepped on the scale I was down a little over a pound and a half from yesterday’s weight – a new 2007 cutting low of 212.6 pounds. Obviously there’s been some fat loss this week, but it was obfuscated by retained water. My diet on non-training days (yesterday was a non-training day) tends to release any water I’m holding water and sort of dry me out.

Taking note of these kinds of changes keeps me highly motivated! I’m feeling very fired up right now because slowly but surely my body is leaning up and starting to look how I want it to look. I can’t wait to take my measurements this Sunday! Progress-wise I think it’s going to be a very good week indeed.

I suggest that you take a little time each and every day to think about your goals, note your progress and be sure to give yourself a lot of credit for each hard-fought victory. Always stay positive, learn from your mistakes and take one day at a time. Those days add up very quickly, and each one brings you closer to your goal.

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