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Another very tempting night behind me.

Saturday, March 17, 2007 by  
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Last night after my 5th meal I was still very hungry. Of course after Lisa got off work she came home with a fresh block of aged private stock cheddar cheese, fresh garlic toast rounds and a nice bottle of red wine. I’m pretty sure that woman actually takes pleasure in torturing me!

“You can handle the temptation – after all, you’re John Stone!”, she semi-sarcastically mocked while playfully munching on a garlic round. She has no idea how close I came to joining her or killing her…I still don’t know which.

I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but lately I’ve been craving junk food more than usual. Actually, I have a very good idea about why this is. I think it’s because I’m looking and feeling much leaner, and most of us (myself included) tend to feel like we can relax, or that we “deserve” food rewards once we make some nice progress. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of people reach this relative point in their fat loss program, and then completely blow it.

I want to stress that I am choosing to diet with no cheat meals because, believe it or not, it makes it easier for me to stay dedicated. If I were to have a cheat meal, it would weaken my resolve and lead to more, possibly unplanned, dietary indulgences. I realize that some people (most people?) would lose their minds dieting this way, and would fall completely off the wagon. There is nothing wrong with having planned cheat meals while dieting. A single cheat meal every week will certainly not hamper your progress, so long as you are dedicated the rest of the time. The trick is to figure out what is going to keep you on track, focused and able to stick to your fat loss program until you reach your goal.

I know the cheese and crackers would have tasted awesome, but when I woke up this morning I can’t even describe the feeling of satisfaction I had for resisting the overwhelming “urge to splurge”. I’m down to a new cutting low of 212.2, and I’m looking leaner and more cut every day. This style of “hardcore” dieting is very satisfying to me, and I enjoy the challenge a great deal. Mind over matter!

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