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Excellent week of fat loss: down to 12.7% body fat.

Sunday, March 18, 2007 by  
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The drop in calories that started last Monday (for weeks 11 & 12 of my 2007 cut) is proving to be very effective: I’ve lost three more pounds since last Sunday, my waist is down another quarter of an inch and my thighs are down another half inch. My chest is down anther quarter of an inch, and I can still see a little fat in that area so I expect it will still drop a little more in the coming weeks. My arms, forearms, calves and hips all remained the same. I don’t carry much fat in my arms, so the fact that they are hanging tough at 17.75 inches while my waistline and other fatty areas are dropping is another good indicator that I’m losing fat and not muscle.

Lisa and I took my body fat measurement three times this morning using the FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers. We did 7-site skinfold tests, and we were +/- 0.3% over the three readings. That’s pretty consistent! We threw out the high and the low score, and used the middle score. My body fat is down to 12.7%, and obviously I’m very happy about that! My results with the caliper seem to be very consistent: Eleven days ago I was at 215.2 pounds and 14.7% body fat, so according to the caliper I’ve lost all fat, and gained one pound of lean mass. I’ll attribute the “added” 1 pound of lean mass to minor deviations in measurement, which is not a bad margin of error.

OK, time for cardio, breakfast and a long day of backbreaking yard work. Have a great day!

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