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A little preview of what’s coming this weekend.

Friday, March 23, 2007 by  
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Next week I’ll be eating the same meal plan that I’ve been using for the past two weeks. This is because I’ll be coming back from my week off from training and will want to reset my hormonal and leptin levels before beginning the “hardcore” phase of dieting. Once the low-carb diet kicks in, Mastover is probably going to start me off with a refeed every third and fourth day, but may drop that back to every sixth day depending on how I respond.

No more LISS cardio starting next week, either! I’ll be utilizing some cool new HIIT cardio workouts on my non-training days, and I’m really looking forward to them. I love HIIT cardio, and it has always worked very well for me. The HIIT cardio routines I’ll be doing will be different from anything I’ve done in the past. They will start off relatively brief, and will increase in duration and difficulty each week. The HIIT sessions will be performed in the afternoon (not in a fasted state, of course) on my non-training days.

I predict that the HIIT cardio workouts combined the new low-carb/refeed meal plan is going to pack an incredible “one-two” fat-burning punch. By the end of April I should be looking very shredded, and closing in on 6% body fat.

Another change will be with my weight training: we’re going to start utilizing drop sets.

I’ll be posting all the details for my new cardio and weight training workouts along with the new meal plans over the weekend. This is going to be a very exciting period of my 2007 cut!

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