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Another super week of fat loss progress: down to 11.3% body fat.

Sunday, March 25, 2007 by  
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It’s Sunday, and time once again for my weekly measurements. It’s been another incredibly good week for me fat loss-wise! I’m down a couple more pounds this week (it’s actually more than that, but I’m holding some water this morning), and my body fat percentage (as measured using a 7-site pinch test with the FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers from the JSF Amazon Mall) is down to 11.3%! Lisa and I did the measurements three times, and I used the highest of the three measurements for my “official” body fat percentage. The fat is really starting to come off my so-called “trouble spots” now! This past week I lost an half inch from my waist, a half inch from my hips and a quarter inch from my thighs.

Full disclosure time: I decided to have a cheat meal last night. Actually I made the choice early in the day, so it was not an “impulse” thing. I figure I’m a little past the halfway point of my cut, and after 3 months without a single bite of any food not on my meal plan a cheat meal was in order. The next few months of dieting are going to be very hardcore, and I’ve really been having bad cravings for the past few weeks. I think getting it out of my system was the right thing to do. I just had a few slices of pizza and – honestly – I didn’t really enjoy it that much. That will be my first and last cheat meal until I reach my goal of 6% body fat. I have to admit that I was feeling pretty guilty about it last night, but that’s just stupid. My cravings are gone now, and the next few months are going to be awesome!

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