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30 pounds of fat and water gone; I got fat over my last bulk!

Saturday, March 31, 2007 by  
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Last night Lisa told me that I’m starting to look very lean in my body and my face. When I put on any amount of fat, it always shows in my face very quickly. I hate that. There is a huge difference in how my face looks now compared to how it looked three months ago. Three months ago it was bloated and puffy, but now all that fat is gone and I look like “myself” again. My face always tightens up right before my abs get dialed in, so April should be a good month with regards to my mid-section.

I’m starting to look “skinny” compared to how I looked when I was bulking. It’s no wonder: I’ve lost 30 pounds of fat and water since January 1st. I’m shocked at how fat I let myself get over my last bulk. Yesterday I was looking at my December 2006 and January 2007 monthly pictures, and I still can’t believe that was me. I made some good muscle gains last year – probably around 5 to 7 pounds – but most of the weight I put on was fat and water. As I’ve progressed with my cut I’m losing a lot of size but not strength; that’s because fat doesn’t make one stronger! I didn’t realize it at the time, but when I finished last year’s bulk I was around 20% body fat.

If I ever bulk again it’s going to be a clean and slow bulk. I will never let myself get above 12% body fat again. There’s simply no reason for it.

I’ve been at this for over four years, and I’m still learning something new every single day. I still make mistakes, but I try to learn from them. The important thing is that I’m actually doing something. I’m not sitting around paralyzed from over-analyzing and splitting hairs. Look, no one is perfect: you gotta get out there, bust your butt every day and fall down from time-to-time. When you stumble you should try and figure out what went wrong, but then you have to get up and keep going. That’s how it works. That’s how you make progress.

OK, today is the FINAL DAY to get in on the AtLarge Nutrition sale and the April “100 Challenge”. Details on both are immediately below.

I’d better go get my cardio done and eat, because today’s a big day: Lisa and I are going to buy our new home this morning. 🙂

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