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Tough day; JSF sees record-breaking traffic; New Favorite Things item.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007 by  
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Yesterday was a tough day. It was the first day of my new “refeed” diet, and my only carb intake was grapefruit and broccoli. I sure missed my morning oats! At the end of the work day it was time for my workout (back and biceps), but I was feeling very tired and lethargic. I really didn’t feel like working out (a nap sounded much better!), but I knew it was important for me to fight through these first few days while my body adjusts to the new diet. I wound up having an incredible workout! After my shower I was so relaxed and tired I had trouble staying up for my last meal. Not too long after I ate my 6th meal, I went to bed and slept like a baby.

Yesterday was quite a day for the JSF servers. This site was linked to from a couple extremely large sites, and then a bunch of other sites picked up on it and everything just sort of snowballed. The JSF servers can handle a pretty good load, but they were overwhelmed much of yesterday. Yesterday JSF broke every traffic, forum and bandwidth usage record in the books. I thought it was bad when JSF was featured on Fark a couple of years ago, but that was nothing compared to yesterday!

I’ve also received almost 400 emails within the past 24 hours, and they are still pouring in. I promise to read every last one, but please understand there’s no way I can reply to all of them.

I’d like to welcome all the new visitors to this site. I think it’s great that so many of you are interested in getting in shape! You may not want to add as much muscle as I have, and you may want to add far more. You might want to be 6% body fat and have ripped abs, or maybe you just want to get rid of your gut and improve your overall health so you can keep up with your kids. We support everyone here, regardless of their personal goals. I encourage you all to create a free account on the forum. If you are lost and don’t know where to begin, start reading the sticky threads in the Beginner’s forum. After you’ve done a little reading, feel free to post any questions you have.

I’ve got another item that I’d like to add to my Favorite Things thread: FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Management System with FREE Composition Tracker Body Fat Tracking Software.

It’s a good caliper, and it has a lot of useful features such as the ability to set up to 50 user profiles, built-in 3-site and 7-site formulas (Jackson/Pollock) and a digital display. Another cool feature is that you can also retake a single measurement without starting over if you goof up. The caliper can be run in manual mode so you can perform 9-point tests (formulas for 9-site and other tests are included with the documentation, but you’ll need to compute those manually). I’ve found the built-in 7-point test produces the same end result as the 9-point test.

Like any skinfold caliper, practice is required to get accurate and consistent results. The 3-point test can be done without assistance, but the 7-point test requires a second person for the tricep and subscapula locations.

My only complaint is that the user interface is a little clunky and not as an intuitive as I’d like it to be. Once the profiles are set up, this is not really an issue.

The caliper comes with a pretty nice carrying case and detailed instructions.

On a related note, I’d like to thank everyone who uses the JSF Amazon Mall for all their Amazon purchases. Using the JSF Amazon Mall is a great way to help support the site and the forum with no additional cost to you. In fact, the JSF Amazon Mall software will automatically find the lowest available price when the same item is offered by multiple sellers on Amazon.

I’d better wrap up and get some breakfast in me. Have a great day!

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