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Great workout last night; New progress picture; Welcome new visitors!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007 by  
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Considering how lethargic I felt before I started, I had a very good workout (pecs/triceps) last night! I feel like my body is doing an excellent job of adjusting to my new low carb days. As I wrote in my media journal last night, at this point in my cutting diet it’s more of a mental challenge than a physical one. What I mean by that is all the energy I require to have a good performance in the gym is there waiting to be used, but pushing past the initial lethargy after a long day at work and then tapping into that energy requires a fair amount of mental discipline.

I also posted a new progress picture in last night’s entry to my media journal. Here’s the direct link. Even at 10.5% body fat my abs are starting to show fairly well, and my vascularity is starting to improve almost daily. By the time I reach my goal of 6% body fat in another 6-8 weeks, I’m confident that my mid-section will be the tightest it’s been in my life.

This site has received a tremendous amount of exposure over the past few days. On Monday we received a record 120,000 unique visitors, and yesterday just under 100,000. I want to welcome all the new visitors to this site, and would also like to encourage those of you who want to make a change to stick around. The forum is loaded with people who have made incredible transformations. All the information and support you need is right here, and it’s all free. Those of you who are serious and are willing to put some time and effort into learning and then following through will be surprised by the huge changes that can occur in a relatively short period of time. Some people look at my early progress pictures and are skeptical. I’m telling you, what I did is not special or unique. Anyone can do it, and you can too.

Today is a cardio-only day: 30 minutes of LISS this morning, and 10 minutes of HIIT this afternoon. I’d better go get on the bike – it’s going to be a busy day!

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