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Pushing through the desire to skip a workout; Carb loading day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 by  
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I have to admit that I’ve been feeling fairly stressed out lately. I have a lot going on in my life right now (even more than usual), and it seems like there is so much to do and not enough time to get it all done. So last night it was almost time for my workout, and thoughts of skipping it were running through my head. I get so irritated with myself when I start thinking like that. I know that skipping workouts can be a very slippery slope: If you skip a scheduled workout, then it becomes a little easier to rationalize skipping another one. Many, many people have fallen back into old habits like that.

I love lifting weights, but the initial impulse to skip a workout has been happening a little more frequently lately. I think part of what I’m dealing with is mental, but part of it is the low carbs. I’m proud to say that I have not given in and skipped any workouts (and I won’t); besides, once I get in the gym and get going I always feel great! After I get past my warmup sets everything else in the world just disappears, and somehow I always summon the energy I need to have a great workout. When I’m finished I always feel focused, organized and proud of myself for having the mental discipline to get the job done.

This morning’s update has also been a struggle. I’m in a low-carb fog right now, and my thoughts are not translating to the keyboard very easily. I think I’ve hit the backspace key about 10,000 times over the past few paragraphs. Thankfully today is a refeed day! I’m heading straight to the kitchen as soon as I’m done typing this sentence and will begin the wonderful task of carb-loading!

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