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Second post-refeed day report.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007 by  
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Amazing! Yesterday was my second refeed day since starting the weeks 14 – ?? phase of my 2007 cutting diet, and, once again, I woke up this morning feeling lean, dry and tight. I also weighed in at a new 2007 cutting low of 204.2 pounds. The reason I’m surprised by this is because normally my body responds to high amounts of carbs by holding water and bloating up. Also, the sheer volume of food I ate yesterday was quite a bit higher than my “low carb” days. So I thought perhaps last time my post carb-up weight and appearance was an anomaly. That does not seem to be the case.

It occurred to me, though, that when I eat a large amount of carbs and then bloat up the next day, it’s generally the day after a “cheat” meal. Usually “cheat” foods are not just high in carbs, but they are also very highly processed and loaded with sodium. The carbs I’m eating now (oats, brown rice, yams, bananas, pineapple and broccoli) are very clean, natural and low in sodium. So, it seems my body is not as “carb-sensitive” as I once thought. It just reacts poorly to junk food (big surprise, right?)

I was telling Lisa last night that if she wants to experience a completely natural high, try low carbing for 4 days and then do a refeed day with clean foods and lots of carbs. I was bouncing off the walls all day yesterday! It was amazing. This morning I’m still feeling very sharp and energetic, and I’m totally encouraged by my fat loss progress so far this year.

After I first lost weight back in 2003, a lot of people said I was afraid to really go on a true bulk because I didn’t want to put on any fat. Boy, did I ever get over that! I still can’t believe how fat I got over my 2006 bulk. It’s like I couldn’t even see it at the time. Anyway, that’s all behind me now. It feels great to have lost over 30 pounds of fat so far this year. I’m looking and feeling like myself again. I feel energetic, athletic and trim. I’m absolutely loving my HIIT cardio sessions, as they are really are beneficial to my cardio vascular system and, of course, they provide excellent fat loss results.

Speaking of cardio, it’s time for my morning LISS cardio session. No lifting today, but I do have an evening HIIT session scheduled, and today I’ll be ramping up the intensity, duration and pain. INTENSITY!

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