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Fat loss; More painting; New house is looking likely; Hi George.

Friday, April 20, 2007 by  
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I’ve consistently lost around two pounds per week since I started my cutting diet on January 1st; however, now that I’m at (or below) 9% body fat, I expect that my fat loss progress will begin to slow down a bit. The trip from 9% body fat to 6% body fat will be a real challenge, but losing these last 8 or 9 pounds of fat is going to make a massive difference in my physique – especially in my abdominal area. This is a very difficult, but very exciting, phase of my cut. The changes in my mid-section over the next 6 weeks or so should be dramatic.

This weekend I’ve got to get some more painting done around the house. Now that I’ve painted 80% of the house, the areas I thought were “good enough” stand out like a sore thumb. I think all these little things make a big difference when people are looking at the house and considering a purchase. It’s a very competitive time right now for existing home sales, and I’m doing everything I can to set my house apart from the crowd. The biggest problem is my home office (that’s just one corner of the nightmare). I literally can’t paint in here because I’d have to tear my entire network apart and remove all the custom shelving. That’s about a three day job, and I can’t bring my network down for that length of time.

The new home approval should be happening any day now. I received a call from the mortgage company, and the loan just passed through automatic underwriting with no problems. That’s very encouraging, so now all I need is for a human being to give me the thumbs up in the form of a written commitment and it’s full steam ahead! I’m so excited about the new home and neighborhood. Now that I’ll be living right on a golf course, I might have to give it a try. I’m afraid if I take up golf it’s going to wind up being another huge money and time pit. As you may have noticed, I tend to get pretty wrapped up in my hobbies and interests. 🙂

I’d like to sign off today by giving a shout out to all my friends down in the Wasteland – especially George, who says he can’t start his day without reading my daily updates. Have a great Friday, my friends!

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