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Weekly measurements.

Sunday, April 29, 2007 by  
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It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time once again for my weekly measurements and body fat analysis…

It’s been a good week! This past week I lost 2.4 pounds, a quarter inch from my waist and a quarter inch from my hips. There’s really not much fat on any other area of my body, so I’m not surprised that all my other measurements stayed the same. I think there is still a small amount of fat on my legs, so I expect to lose a little more size there before I’m done, but I think for the remainder of my cut most of the change is going to come in the form of mid-section reduction.

Now, on to my body fat. This morning my body fat reading is 8.8% (as measured using a 7-site pinch test with the FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers from the JSF Amazon Mall). The lowest of my three readings this morning was 8.5%, but I threw the lowest two readings out. The results I’ve been getting with this caliper have been very consistent. It does take practice to get consistent results, but once you get the technique down these calipers seem to do a fantastic job. I’m very pleased with them.

Looking in the mirror this morning (and trying to be objective), I have to say that I honestly think I look worse right now than I did a few weeks ago. I’m 99% sure this is because I’m extremely lean except for the fat just below my belly button and in my “love handle” area: the classic “Spare Tire”. Being so lean everywhere else has the unfortunate effect of making the fat that is left more pronounced. Of course this condition is temporary. I know by now that I, like most men, hold on to the fat in my mid-section as long as possible: it is the first place fat is stored, and it’s the absolute last place to let fat to go. In fact, even once I get to 6% body fat there will likely still be some fat in that area.

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