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New meal plan for weeks 18+ are up; My camera broke – Fuji sucks!

Monday, April 30, 2007 by  
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Mastover has made some changes to my diet plan and supplement intake. So, here is the new food/supplement log for weeks 18 – ??. As always, I’d like to discuss the changes…

The biggest change is there will be no more steak, and no more chicken. Yep, you read that right – ZERO! I’ll now be eating cod fish, which is an ultra-lean source of protein, in place of the steak and chicken (in the exact same amounts and at the same times). Other than that, my diet is identical to weeks 16 & 17.

On the supplement side, there are only a couple of minor changes: 2 extra Udo’s Choice EFA tablets with my 1:30 PM meal, and no more creatine, except on leg day.

I’ll still be doing the low carb/refeed diet on the same schedule as I have been following (L=Low carb day, R=Refeed day):

DAY 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 etc…

On to another subject: cameras. Obviously the digital camera is a very important part of this web site. I’ve always been a big fan of my Fuji S7000 – it’s a fine camera – but I will never use or recommend Fuji products again. Why? This is the second Fuji digital camera that I’ve owned on which the cheap plastic clips that hold the battery door closed have snapped off, rendering the camera completely useless (well, useless without a whole lot of duct tape to hold the battery door closed). This didn’t happen as a result of any kind of trauma, this happened after only a couple years of very gentle use. I am extremely careful with my cameras. None of my cameras have been dropped – not even once. The Fuji camera I owned before this one had the exact same problem – not just once, but THREE times before I gave up on it and bought the S7000. I figured it was a design flaw in that particular model, but it seems that the problem runs deeper than that. What really annoys me is that when I called Fuji to have them send a replacement battery door for my S7000, I was put on hold for 15 minutes only to be told that they no longer send battery doors to end users, and I must have the camera repaired by an authorized service center. That means I have to mail my camera off, spend around $100.00 for a stupid battery door, and wait 4-8 weeks to get it back. No thanks. I have my monthly pictures to take tomorrow, so I’m going to duct tape the battery door shut long enough to take the pictures, but I’ve already purchased a replacement camera. This time I wanted something much smaller, but with the same (or better) features as the Fuji: 7+ megapixel, 6x optical zoom, 640×480/30 FPS movie mode and image stabilization. I decided to purchase the Canon PowerShot A710 IS. It’s very highly reviewed, has all the features I want and is less than $250 bucks at the JSF Amazon Mall! So tomorrow’s monthly photos will be the last photos I’ll ever take with a Fuji camera. It’s a shame that otherwise excellent cameras are ruined by something that would cost about a dollar to correct. The fact that they won’t let me fix it myself (it’s a simple repair) was the final straw.

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