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Feeling much better today; Fall/Winter plans.

Yesterday’s diet made a world of difference. I feel “normal” this morning. The mind fog has lifted, the feelings of frustration and doubt have vanished and all my muscles look fuller. Even though the carbs I ate yesterday were from “clean” foods, my body is retaining water this morning. I’m up to 197.2 pounds and feel a little water-logged. I think a lot of the water is in my muscle, though, because I still look… [Read more]

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Crash; Diet change for next two days.

I crashed yesterday – hard. I felt tired, lethargic and weak. My brain was in a fog and I couldn’t think. I was feeling depressed and irritable. I did some posing in front of the mirror and thought my muscles looked flat and I looked small. The last remaining fat around my mid-section seemed to stand out more than ever. Overall, I honestly thought I looked better a month ago. After how hard I’ve worked… [Read more]

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Monthly photos will be taken as scheduled; A couple of new pictures.

Yesterday I wrote that I was leaning towards delaying my June monthly pictures until I hit 6% body fat. I’ve decided against doing this. I expect to hit 6% early in June, but in reality it could take longer than anticipated. I don’t want to feel pressured to end my cut early just because I need to take my monthly pictures, so I’ll continue as I always have and when I reach my goal I’ll… [Read more]

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More temptations; Down to 195 pounds; Monthly pictures to be delayed?

Lisa and I relaxed and watched movies all day yesterday, which of course involved massive quantities of delicious snacks and treats…for Lisa. Yes, yesterday was another day full of dietary temptations and unbelievable cravings. The growls in my stomach were almost as loud as the crunching noises coming from my left as Lisa chowed down to her heart’s content in all her ectomorphic glory. I kept grabbing the bowl of snack mix and inhaling deeply,… [Read more]

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Excellent week of progress!

It’s measurement Sunday, and this has been a good week! After a week with no apparent fat loss progress, last Sunday Mastover made some changes to my diet and training. The changes have been tough, and I’ve had some pretty intense cravings, but the results have been worth it. This morning I’m down to a 2007 cutting low of 195.8 pounds. This past week I lost just over a quarter of an inch from my… [Read more]

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Beating intense cravings.

Last night I had the worst craving for junk food. It was relentless! In fact, I can’t recall any other period of time over my entire 4.5 year transformation in which I was so utterly consumed by thoughts of food. The worst of the cravings started right after meal #5 (which is just 75g of Nitrean); I finished my protein shake and still felt completely famished. I was very tempted to run up to the… [Read more]

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No more refeeds; New pictures of my legs.

Today was supposed to be a refeed day, but Mastover contacted me yesterday and said no more refeed days unless he specifically calls for one. This is going to be a challenge, but I’m up for it. Basically the difference between 8% and 6% body fat at my current weight is around 4-5 pounds. That means I’m probably looking at another 2-3 weeks to reach my goal. I’ve updated my current meal plan to reflect… [Read more]

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Special mid-week measurements & body fat reading; New products from AtLarge!

I normally take my weekly measurements and body fat reading every Sunday, but Mastover asked me to do a special mid-week check-in with him this morning. As long as I’m taking the measurements, I might as well post them here, too! This morning’s readings are very encouraging! First, my scale weight is 197.2 pounds, which is still about a half-pound heavier than I was this past Saturday morning. Last Saturday was a refeed day, and… [Read more]

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“We may be through with the past, but the past ain’t through with us.”

Even though my scale weight is still curiously reading a little higher than expected (198.6 pounds), this morning I believe that my body looks the best it’s looked so far on this cut. Even the fat below my belly button is slowly starting to become less prominent (there’s still plenty of work to do, however!) My low body fat is magnifying another problem: loose skin. There is a little loose skin just above and to… [Read more]

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Cod for breakfast?!; June “100 Challenge” open for entry!

OK, here’s a newsflash that will come as a shock to absolutely no one: cod for breakfast sucks. I’m not even going to try and pretend that I liked it. My body wants egg whites or oatmeal in the morning, not more fish. Like I said yesterday, I’ve actually grown to enjoy cod, but four portions every day is testing my limits. I have a feeling that once this cut is over I will never… [Read more]

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