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Below 200 pounds; Weight chart discussion.

Friday, May 4, 2007 by  
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I finally broke the 200 pound mark: this morning I’m down to a 2007 cutting low of 199.2 pounds. This Sunday’s measurements and body fat reading should be very interesting

A few people have emailed and asked why my weight chart seems so different over the past few weeks. Specifically, people want to know why in the past my weight changed almost every day, but for the past three weeks my weight chart shows flatlines, drops, and then flatlines again.

I should have explained the reason for this phenomenon sooner. Actually, the reason is pretty simple: my digital bathroom scale seems to only shows changes when there is a difference of more than one pound since the last reading. The reason it used to change every day (even if there was a difference of less than one pound) is because up until three weeks ago I would always weigh myself before bed. My night weight was, of course, always 3-5 pounds heavier than my morning weight. This sort of “reset” the scale for my morning reading, since my morning weight is always more than one pound lower than my nighttime reading. I stopped taking the night reading, so now the scale only shows differences of more than one pound from one morning to the next.

The next logical question is, “Why did you take nighttime scale readings?” Again, the answer is simple: curiosity. I never obsessed over the scale weight, or really cared what the scale showed. I like to see how my body responds to different foods, etc. I found it interesting to see how much water I was holding at night, and how much I lost in the night through sweat and urination (hopefully with corresponding midnight trips to the bathroom! 😉 )

So why did I stop weighing myself at night? I dunno. I guess after all these years I have enough of a feel for my body that I don’t find the morning/nighttime weight differences particularly interesting anymore.

I hope that helps clear things up! Now it’s time for me to eat and get to work. Have a wonderful Friday – see you tomorrow!

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