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Dealing with low blood sugar weakness; Plans for the summer!

I just finished my breakfast, and my body is thinking, “Um, seriously? That’s it?” I’m so hungry right now! I woke up starving to death, and now that I’ve eaten I’m even more hungry.

You know that weak, shaky feeling most of us experience when our blood sugar is very low? That’s happened to me several times on this cut (usually after meal #1), and I’ve had a hard time dealing with it. I spoke to Mastover about it, and he suggested something that really seems to be working. Whenever it happens I mix 2 scoops of Beverly’s “Glutamine Select” in water and drink it down. I’ve done that twice since Mastover told me to give it a try, and both times it’s totally helped. Of course I’m still hungry, but I can deal with that; it’s the weakness and shakiness that makes it hard to function, and the Glutamine seems to really help that. I’m right on the edge of feeling that way this morning, so if it gets any worse I’ll be utilizing that little trick again today.

I had a long, grueling bulk over the 2006 fall and winter months, and that was followed immediately by this cutting phase (which is now into its 5th month). I’m so looking forward to relaxing this summer and enjoying the fruits of my labor. This summer I’m probably going to switch to a 3-day training split, and do cardio 2 or 3 times per week. I’m also going to relax my diet somewhat. Of course I’ll still eat healthy most of the time, but I’ll probably allow myself 2 cheat meals per week. My goal is to find a nice balance between having fun and maintaining my physique. I won’t be able to maintain 6% body fat all summer, but I don’t want to get any higher than 8%.