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I can’t think this morning.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007 by  
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My workouts the past couple of weeks have been very good. The hardest part is getting started after a long day of work – especially while eating so few calories. Sometimes I have to force myself to get my butt in the gym, but once I get going I’m always fine…

…wow, I simply can’t write this morning! My brain is shrouded in a low-carb fog, and absolutely nothing is coming out right. Almost every time I manage to force out a sentence, I read it back, cringe, and then delete it. I’ve only kept 4 or 5 sentences and I’ve been working on this update for almost 20 minutes! It just isn’t clicking this morning.

I do have one bit of good news: I spoke to the mortgage company we’re using to finance the new home, and it seems we finally have an official approval on the new house! Of course this approval is contingent on the sale of our existing home, so that is the last hurdle we must overcome. Once this house sells, I can relax.

Well, if I can remember how to find the room where my home gym is located I’m going to go do my cardio now. I sure hope my head clears a bit, because I feel like I’m operating at about 30% of my usual brain power, which pretty much classifies me as functionally retarded.

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