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Feeling great this morning; My new home construction journal is “live”!

Thursday, May 10, 2007 by  
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I have no idea why I was so foggy-headed yesterday morning while attempting to write my update. Once I did my morning LISS cardio and ate breakfast, I was just fine. Today is day four of my current low carb cycle, and this morning I feel great. I am looking forward to tomorrow, though – it’s Friday and a refeed day!

Yesterday afternoon’s HIIT cardio session was incredible. My cardiovascular fitness level is probably close to the best it has ever been in my life. My intervals are extremely tough right now, but I love the challenge. The endorphin rush after I finish a HIIT cardio session is very similar to how I feel after intense weight training (minus the pump, of course).

As most of you know I’m having a new home built, and will be moving towards the end of this year. I may occasionally mention major events on this page, but for the most part I won’t be discussing the new home in my daily updates from this point forward. Instead, I’ve decided to keep a detailed journal on the forum. My new journal will document the entire construction process from start to finish. I’ll be on the job site several times per week taking pictures, asking questions and shooting video. I’m going to make frequent updates to the journal, and will be answering questions and posting my thoughts along with tons of pictures and video. I’ve already put up some job site photographs, the floorplans and a few other things. I’ve still got a lot more information I’d like to document before they actually break ground, so I’ll be adding lots of new stuff over the next few days.

I decided to put my new journal in the VIP section of the forum because there is a lot of personal stuff in there that I really do not want archived by search engines (search engines can’t crawl the VIP forums). So, if you want to check my new journal out and you’ve already upgraded your JSF membership, then you’re all set: John Stone’s New House Construction Journal. Otherwise, you’ll need to instantly upgrade your forum membership.

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