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I love HIIT cardio; New 2007 cutting low; Feeling awesome this morning.

Friday, May 11, 2007 by  
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Yesterday I talked a little bit about my HIIT cardio training, and how much it has benefited my overall cardiovascular health (and, of course, has been very effective at helping me get ripped). Last night was leg night, and while doing squats I found myself recovering faster than ever, and I was noticeably less winded after each set. Not only am I getting closer to my goal of 6% body fat, but I truly feel like I am in excellent shape. Even though I’ve had very few carbs all week long, this morning I’m feeling energetic, alert and happy. I believe I feel this way because I’m still feeling the effects of my Wednesday evening HIIT cardio session. The afterburn lasts for days.

I went for quite a long time doing only LISS cardio, and I forgot how great HIIT makes me feel. I’m going to make sure HIIT training is part of my fitness regimen from now on. I just love it.

This morning I saw a huge drop in scale weight: I’m down to a 2007 cutting low of 197.4 pounds! I suspect that when I take my body fat reading on Sunday I’ll be at, or below, 8% body fat. I snuck a waist measurement in yesterday, and it was below 31.75″. Clearly the fat is finally starting to come off my “worst” areas now. This progress has provided me with a huge mental boost, which I very much needed at this late stage of the game.

Today is Friday, and it’s a refeed day! Oh, I am so looking forward to massive helpings of oatmeal, yams and rice (I’ve already had one big bowl of oatmeal)! I’d better enjoy it, because my next refeed is not until next Thursday. Yeah, that’s a pretty long low carb stretch, but I’m up for the challenge.

Happy Friday!

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