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Tentative summer training split.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 by  
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I’ve been putting some thought into what I’m going to do for my workout and cardio routines over the summer. As you may know, this summer I’m going to maintain my physique while relaxing and having fun. I’d like to do a three-day training split, and a mix of LISS and HIIT cardio. I was thinking of trying a push/pull style routine. Here’s the tentative plan:

Monday: Chest, Back & Traps
Tuesday: 45 mins AM fasted LISS cardio and/or 14-20 mins PM HIIT cardio
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: 45 mins AM fasted LISS cardio and/or 14-20 mins PM HIIT cardio
Friday: Biceps, Triceps & Shoulders
Saturday: 45 mins AM fasted LISS cardio and/or 14-20 mins PM HIIT cardio
Sunday: Off

I’ve never worked my chest & back on the same day, but have always wanted to try it. In case you haven’t already guessed by now, I’m thinking supersets. Evil

On Friday I’ll work my biceps & triceps using supersets, which I have done many times in the past with great results. Because my shoulders are the weakest of the three muscle groups I’ll be working that day, they will be worked first.

As for cardio, I will do at least three sessions per week, and may even do double sessions on some days. I enjoy doing both LISS and HIIT cardio, so I want to keep both styles in my summer maintenance program. I want some flexibility with cardio, so I’ve sort of built that in to my plan. For example, if I’m going to be gone all day it will be easier for me to do 45 mins of AM LISS. If I’m sitting around watching movies on a Saturday, an afternoon HIIT session will probably just what I need to shake the cobwebs off!

I haven’t thought too much about my diet yet, and will definitely be speaking to Mastover about it. I’m looking for simplicity: I don’t mind eating the same things over and over, and I’ll have a couple of cheat meals each week to spice things up! Of course I will be posting my complete meals plans, but I’m not going to try and count calories when I go out to eat for a cheat meal or anything like that.

Wow, I’m running out of time. I’ll talk some more about my summer plans in the coming weeks, but right now I need to get my butt on the bike. Have a great day!

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