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More on my summer training; General diet outline for summer.

Thursday, May 17, 2007 by  
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Yesterday I posted a tentative training split for my upcoming summer maintenance program. I asked Mastover to check it out and see what he thought, and he offered some suggestions that made a lot of sense to me.

After a grueling four month bulk followed immediately by five plus months of cutting, what my body needs more than anything is rest and recovery. Mastover thought the three day split was a good idea – especially for the first month or so. While I’ve managed to maintain a surprising amount of strength over this cut I have (of course) lost some. With all this in mind, Mastover’s suggestion for the first month is to not do any direct arm or shoulder work (with a couple of exceptions, which I’ll talk about below), and to instead focus 100% on big, compound lifts and getting my strength back up.

I think these are good suggestions, and will take his advice. He suggested that I throw in a few isolation moves only for my lagging body parts: side delts, rear delts and traps.

So, here’s the split I’ll be using for the first month of my summer maintenance program:

Monday: Chest & dumbbell lateral raises (drop set)
Tuesday: 45 mins AM fasted LISS cardio and/or 14-20 mins PM HIIT cardio
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: 45 mins AM fasted LISS cardio and/or 14-20 mins PM HIIT cardio
Friday: Back, traps & rear delts
Saturday: 45 mins AM fasted LISS cardio and/or 14-20 mins PM HIIT cardio
Sunday: Off

Once the first month is over, I’ll use the split I posted yesterday for the rest of the summer.

I’m working on my summer food plan now. Because I’ll be having a couple of cheat meals per week, I’m not going to need to raise my calories for the other meals too much. I plan to eat lots of chicken, seafood, eye of round steak, veggies, brown rice, yams, egg whites and oatmeal. I’m also going to throw in some whole grain bread with breakfast, and maybe even some a once or twice per week with lunch (I miss sandwiches!) I feel so good eating a natural diet that I don’t want to stray from it. Some of the cheat meals will certainly contain some processed items, but I’m not going to be sitting around eating Doritos or anything like that.

I’ll be closely monitoring my body fat, and will make adjustments as needed. I’m not going to allow myself to get above 8% body fat this summer!

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