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Beating intense cravings.

Saturday, May 26, 2007 by  
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Last night I had the worst craving for junk food. It was relentless! In fact, I can’t recall any other period of time over my entire 4.5 year transformation in which I was so utterly consumed by thoughts of food. The worst of the cravings started right after meal #5 (which is just 75g of Nitrean); I finished my protein shake and still felt completely famished. I was very tempted to run up to the BBQ place or order a pizza, but I dug deep into my bag of mental “tricks” and absolutely refused to give in. Of course about this time is when Lisa decided she was ready to twist the proverbial knife and eat her dinner: Chinese bourbon chicken & rice. The smell of her dinner made me feel slightly homicidal. Instead of killing Lisa and taking her food I focused on my goals, and how great I would feel this morning if I stuck to my diet. It really worked, and I didn’t go off my diet.

I can not cheat right now. I’m literally less than 4 pounds away from my goal of 6% body fat. Going off my diet is simply not an option at this point. I’ve worked way too hard over the past five months and come way too far to take my eye off the prize so close to the end. The satisfaction I feel this morning for overcoming some of the worst cravings I’ve ever experienced is indescribable. Not only I’m I down to a new 2007 cutting low of 195.8 pounds, but I feel mentally strong and… powerful. I guess “powerful” is a good word, but honestly it’s hard to describe the feeling. I’ll tell you this much: If I’d given in last night I would have enjoyed the food for 30 minutes or so, but this morning I wouldn’t be very pleased with myself. Now I get to walk around all day today feeling great knowing I’m that much closer to my goal.

This is why I’m good at cutting. I’m able to get myself in a place mentally where I actually enjoy the challenge. Cravings suck, and being hungry sucks, but a weird part of me looks forward to those things because I love how I feel when I overcome those challenges. I can’t get to the mental place I need to be when I go halfway: that is why I need to devote myself entirely to the process in order to be successful. I’m not saying my way is how everyone should do it, but I couldn’t do it any other way.

I’m off to do my cardio. I can’t wait to take my body fat reading tomorrow! See ya then…

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