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I like my new bike!

My new recumbent bike (Schwinn model 231) arrived yesterday evening! It was easy to assemble because the instructions are obviously written by someone who actually speaks English, all the parts and hardware are clearly labeled and the diagrams are very clear. The assembly process is divided into 14 easily digested steps. It took me about 1.5 hours to go from box to first ride. The Schwinn 231 is (I believe) Schwinn’s top of the line… [Read more]

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Last day of my 2007 cut; More water weight loss; 50 pounds!

I can hardly believe it: After six months, today is the last day of my 2007 cutting phase! Tomorrow morning I’ll take my monthly pictures (and probably a few extra photos), and those will all be posted on Sunday morning. I thought about taking a week off from lifting, but I don’t really want to do that right now. I’m anxious to start getting my strength back up. I should have some awesome workouts now… [Read more]

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Amazing water weight loss; 96% lean beef.

WOW! I expected to lose some water weight yesterday (that’s the whole point of the end-of-cut “Peak Week” diet), but I was still shocked when I stepped on the scale this morning: 187.2 pounds! That a little over two pounds less than yesterday’s weight, which was already a 2007 cutting low. I guess I didn’t expect that much water loss so quickly. I can’t say I looked any more ripped this morning than I did… [Read more]

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Beef and grapefruit starts today; Water.

I’m amazed at how quickly I’ve become used to drinking a full gallon of water more than my usual 1.5 gallons per day. The first day I had to force myself to drink the full 2.5 gallons, the second day was not difficult at all and yesterday I actually wound up drinking a little more water than 2.5 gallons without even trying. Today is another 2.5 gallon day, tomorrow I’ll cut back to 2 gallons,… [Read more]

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Drying out!

Massive quantities of water, 100% “clean”, all-natural foods, no added salt or sweeteners… This morning I’m down to 189.4 pounds. Clearly I’m already starting to dry out, thanks to the “Peak Week” diet Mastover has me doing for the final week of my 2007 cutting phase. The results should be even more dramatic over the next few days, as this morning’s first meal is the last time I’ll be consuming any carbs (with the exception… [Read more]

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It’s been crazy around here!

The past few day have been extremely eventful around here… – Last Thursday yet another piece of cardio equipment bit the dust, and I ordered another recumbent bike. It should be here on Thursday, and I’m really looking forward to trying it out. – On Friday I posted my complete 2007 Summer Maintenance meal plans, along with a semi-detailed analysis. One thing that I should have made more clear is that those are my starting… [Read more]

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Goal reached; “Peak week” diet; New AtLarge product; July “100 Challenge”.

I’ve decided to make a very small departure from my normal routine this month: My monthly pictures are going still going to be posted on the first of the month (as they always are), but this month I’m going to take the photos the day before (Saturday June 30th). The reason for this minor change is because it’s the end of my cut, I’ve reached my goal and I want to allow some extra time… [Read more]

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Major network outage.

The upstream provider that provides bandwidth to the datacenter that hosts the JSF servers is (well, was) experiencing a major outage. This outage began on Friday night (June 22, 2007) just before 10:00 PM EDT. As I write this (Saturday at 8:00 AM), the outage continues. I am sending this update to the server via an emergency dialup line. If you are reading this, then service has finally been restored. I sincerely apologize for the… [Read more]

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Summer maintenance meal plans are up!

I’ve completed my 2007 Summer Maintenance meal plan. I may need to make some changes once I’ve had a chance to evaluate my progress, but this plan is pretty much going to be what I follow from July 1, 2007 – September 30, 2007. As always, I’d like to go over the plan in detail… First, an overview. My daily caloric intake will range from almost 2,100 calories to around 2,400 calories (not including my… [Read more]

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Another cardio bike destroyed; New bike ordered.

Yesterday I managed to destroy yet another piece of cardio equipment. I was doing my cardio, when suddenly I heard a loud “crack” from the lower left rear of the machine. The whole thing began to lean to the right. I looked down, and saw that the weld actually failed on the left side of the main rear support bar. Over the last four years I’ve destroyed two exercise bikes (well, actually I’ve put three… [Read more]

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