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Change to my diet this week; Eating healthy/summer diet plans.

Monday, June 4, 2007 by  
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Mastover has made a small change to my diet for this week: each serving of cod has been reduced to just four ounces. I’ve updated my current food log to make note of this change. I’m already hungry most of the time, so this is going to be difficult. Thankfully my cutting phase is only a few more weeks and then I can enjoy a couple of well-earned months with a somewhat relaxed diet.

Speaking of my relaxed diet, I’ll be posting my summer “maintenance” meal plans sometime before the end of June. The majority of the foods I’ll be eating will be the same healthy, all-natural choices that make me feel so good: grilled chicken breasts, eye of round steak, broccoli, seafood, oats, yams, brown rice, pineapple, grapefruit, egg whites and so on.

Along with my oats and egg whites I’ll probably have a slice of wholegrain bread at breakfast and maybe some 100% orange juice a few times per week. For lunch I’m thinking I’d like to have (at least a few time per week) deli-sliced turkey breast (not that packaged processed crap) on wholegrain bread with lettuce, brown mustard, fresh basil and tomato. I never tire of eye of round steak, so a great dinner for me is 6-8 ounces of eye of round, brown rice and a big salad. I’ll probably have Nitrean protein shakes a couple of times each day: I can’t wait to start having this simple Nitrean and oats recipe again! I also love Nitrean blended with a couple tablespoons of Natural peanut butter. I might also try my hand at making my own beef jerky. I love that stuff, and it’s a great snack, but just about everything found in the stores is loaded with sugar and chemicals.

As you can see, eating healthy doesn’t have to suck. All those foods I just mentioned are very tasty and healthy. Even foods like broccoli and grapefruit, which I used to hate, are delicious to me now that I’ve acquired a taste for them.

Of course I’ll be having a couple of “cheat meals” each week, too. I may chose to have some buttered popcorn while I watch a movie, or order a pizza. I might decide I want to some BBQ or take Lisa out for some Mexican food or a big steak dinner. I’ll be able to have foods like these on occasion because the rest of my diet will be very clean, I’ll be lifting weights 3 times per week and doing cardio 3 or 4 times per week.

Man, this update was a bad idea – I just made myself even more hungry than I was! I’m going to sign off and go eat my cod and grapefruit. While I like cod and I like grapefruit, I can 100% guarantee I will not be eating them together for breakfast once I finish cutting. They are not the best combo in the world… 🙂

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