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So hungry; JSF Cheat Meal this Saturday!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007 by  
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With so little fuel in my tank at this late stage of my cut, workouts and even LISS cardio sessions are becoming very difficult. It is taking every ounce of resolve I have to get in the gym and take care of business.

My weight training workouts have been fairly decent, especially once I have a few sets under my belt. Thank goodness for the endorphin rush, because I’m pretty sure that natural high is the only reason I’m able to get through my workouts. I feel pretty weak, but surprisingly I’m still moving some pretty decent weight around.

My LISS cardio sessions – which, of course, are done in a fasted state – are also not much fun right now. The entire time I’m on the bike all I can think about is how hungry I am!

Of course I’m pretty much hungry all day now. Actually “pretty much” is not very accurate: I am hungry all day – every waking second of it. I’m hungry before my meals, during my meals and after my meals. Some of the things that help me curb my appetite? I drink lots of water, chew gum and stay busy. Those things really help.

I do have a bit of a reprieve this Saturday night! This Saturday is the 3rd annual JSF cheat meal. There’s no point in having a cheat meal if you’re not going to cheat, and I fully intend to indulge! I’m not going to go nuts, but I will have a big steak, french fries and a couple Grey Goose on the rocks. I’m actually looking forward to the french fries more than anything else. Cake? Ice cream? Candy? Keep ’em… just give me a big pile of fried carbohydrates! 🙂

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