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Down another 1.2 pounds; Temptation does not exist.

Thursday, June 7, 2007 by  
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It’s so funny how our bodies work. After five days at the exact same weight, this morning I woke up and am “suddenly” down 1.2 more pounds. That puts me at a new 2007 cutting low of 193.4 pounds. My mid-section looked as good as it’s ever looked in the mirror this morning. I’m definitely below 7% body fat now! I think another couple of pounds of fat loss is going to put me at my goal of 6% body fat.

Speaking of body fat, I think I’m going to take this week’s measurements and body fat reading on Saturday morning instead of Sunday morning. Saturday night is the 3rd annual JSF cheat meal, and I don’t want the water I’ll surely be retaining on Sunday morning to obscure this week’s progress.

You’d think that at this point in my cut I’d be completely sick of cod and broccoli. Surprisingly I seem to be enjoying both of those foods more than ever. Heck, I didn’t even like broccoli that much when I started this cut, and now I absolutely love it. Same for grapefruit. In fact, I used to hate grapefruit, but now it feels like I’m sneaking a desert when I eat it.

Yesterday Lisa made a big bowl of buttered popcorn for herself. Popcorn is probably my favorite snack of all time, and the smell was unbelievable. I think at this point in my cut my willpower has reached an entirely new level. It’s like the possibility of making an unscheduled break in my diet doesn’t even exist. I think part of it is because I know I’m so close to my goal. Just a couple more weeks, and I’ll have done something I’ve never done before. It feels good!

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