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Finally recovered; Cheat meal videos are up!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 by  
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I finally feel mostly recovered from Saturday night’s JSF cheat meal festivities. I’m still holding a little water, but this morning I feel rested and back to normal.

I’ve been surprised by how good my usual foods have tasted over the past two days. I enjoy junk food like anyone else, but I always feel terrible after eating that way. I’m not talking about feeling crappy mentally; I’m talking about a marked change in how good I feel physically. The difference is striking. Alcohol consumption amplifies the effects of unhealthy foods even more.

Last night’s workout (back & biceps) was amazingly good. All those carbs I ate on Saturday night at least provided me with some fuel! It felt great to get in the gym and have tons of energy. I’m really looking forward to lifting this summer when I transition to my maintenance diet. I should have some awesome workouts!

In addition to the first set of 3rd Annual JSF Cheat Meal photos that I mentioned in yesterday’s update, I also assembled all the videos into one place and posted those yesterday afternoon. You can find them all (including Phillydude’s cod prank) right here.

If you were at the cheat meal and have some pictures or video that you want to share, I’m planning to put up another batch of photos. Please send them to me! Please be sure to send the original images – I’ll resize them as needed.

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