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Awesome workouts this week; Two weeks of cutting left; New home update.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 by  
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My workouts this week have been excellent so far! Last night’s workout (chest/triceps) was every bit as good as Monday night’s workout (back/biceps). Today is a cardio-only day, which is too bad because I feel like hitting the weights again. I’ll just let that feeling simmer for another day, and save it for a great leg workout tomorrow.

I’ve only got two weeks of cutting left, and then it will be time for increased calories, a slightly relaxed diet and a focus on rebuilding my strength. I’ve got something like two weeks of vacation time that I need to use by early August, so that should be cool.

Unfortunately I can’t really go out of town for an extended period of time because we’re still trying to sell our house, and I want to keep a close watch on the construction of our new home. Actually some time off to hit the local beaches, watch movies, hang out with the dogs and workout sounds better than an extended trip anyway.

Speaking of the new house, I know I haven’t updated my New House Construction Journal in awhile. That’s because our new home is still in the permitting process, and I’ve pretty much covered all the pre-construction stuff. I’m told that they should be breaking ground any day now – perhaps even this week(!) – so there will be constant updates to the journal very soon. I decided to put my new journal in the VIP section of the forum because there is a lot of personal stuff in there that I really do not want archived by search engines (search engines can’t crawl the VIP forums). If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to instantly upgrade your forum membership if you want to check out the journal.

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