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“Peak week” plans; Photo plans for the end of the month and next year.

Thursday, June 14, 2007 by  
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I was talking to Mastover about “peak week” – the week before my cut ends, which is June 24th – June 30th. During that week I’ll be doing a couple of mild reverse carb loads, and a few days of nothing but very lean beef and grapefruit. Eye of round steak and grapefruit for every meal? That sounds like heaven to me – and not a single cod fillet in sight! The day before my pictures and the morning of my pictures I’ll have fats (natural peanut butter) and carbs with no water. This is the classic beef and grapefruit “Beverly method” of pre-contest dieting. Of course I’ll post the exact menu with all the foods listed in their exact amounts sometime before the 24th.

With this prep week, I should come in dry and looking my best for my July 1st pictures. I’ll be sure to take some extra photos.

As for professional photos, I plan to do that but I’m going to wait until next year. Mastover feels that with another year of training I can get rid of that trouble spot that has been plaguing me, and I also want to improve my delts (especially my rear delts), traps and chest this winter. I think by next spring or summer I’ll be pretty close to the physique I’m after, and a professional photo shoot will be money well-spent.

I’m down to a new 2007 cutting low of 192.8 pounds this morning! Now that the water from the 3rd annual JSF Cheat Meal is all gone, it’s time to bring this 6 month cut to an end. 6%, here I come!

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