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191.2 pounds; Muscle loss?; Final two weeks of my cut!

Saturday, June 16, 2007 by  
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I was shocked when I stepped on the scale a few minutes ago: 191.2 pounds. I have to be sitting right around 6% body fat this morning, or very close (actual measurements will be done tomorrow). I also need to consider the very real possibility that I’ve lost some muscle recently. When cutting body fat to the mid-single digit range, some muscle loss is unavoidable.

I’m certainly very lean right now, and with the exception of a very small amount of ever-present fat just below my belly button I simply don’t have any more fat to lose. I don’t mean that there’s literally no more fat anywhere else on my body (of course there is), what I mean is I’m happy with my body fat level everywhere on my body except that one last spot. The problem is, that fat is simply not going away and now I’m pretty sure that I’m starting to lose some muscle.

I’m still going to cut through the end of the month, and I do this knowing full well that I’m probably going to lose a little more muscle (and I’ll still have that damned trouble spot!) Really all I have left is one more week of actual cutting, and then one week of pre-contest style preparation to finish out my 6-month cutting phase. Thanks to muscle memory I should gain back any muscle I lose pretty quickly once I start eating my maintenance diet and getting my strength back.

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