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Loose skin.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007 by  
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Yesterday after my workout I did a little posing in front of the mirror with the goal of evaluating my physique as objectively as possible. I’m pretty happy with how my body looks right now (especially with a solid pump!), but I noticed that I’ve got some loose skin around my lower two abs that was never there before.

When I started my transformation back in 2003 I was 34 years old, and I lost about 55 pounds between January and June of that year. I had a little loose skin just above my belly button at the time (and, actually, the loose skin is still there), but it seems that this year there’s a bit more. I have lost a significant amount of weight this year – 45 pounds since January – but I don’t remember seeing this much loose skin back in June 2003. This extra skin may very well may tighten up over the next month or two; however, as you probably already know, the older we get the less elastic our skin becomes. Fat can be burned off, muscle can be gained, but loose skin will either shrink or it won’t. That’s a little bit frustrating because, short of surgery, it’s pretty much out of my control.

Of course the fat in the area I’m talking about was only lost in the past few weeks (it’s the last to go on my body), so perhaps I just need to give the skin some more time to adjust. This does serve as yet another reminder that crazy weight gains (read: putting on too much fat) during a bulk needs to be avoided – especially at my age.

I just thought I’d mention all this because I definitely feel that I made a mistake during my last bulk by putting on so much fat. While my bulk this fall/winter will not be as dramatic as past bulks with regards to pure size and weight gains, I feel that by keeping my body fat low and focusing on slow muscle gains this will be my most successful bulk yet.

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