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Beef and grapefruit starts today; Water.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007 by  
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I’m amazed at how quickly I’ve become used to drinking a full gallon of water more than my usual 1.5 gallons per day. The first day I had to force myself to drink the full 2.5 gallons, the second day was not difficult at all and yesterday I actually wound up drinking a little more water than 2.5 gallons without even trying. Today is another 2.5 gallon day, tomorrow I’ll cut back to 2 gallons, and on Friday I’ll be drinking “just” 1.75 gallons of water.

Today begins the “beef and grapefruit” portion of my “Peak Week” diet. Basically every meal for the next three days will consist of 6 ounces of 96% lean ground beef and 1/2 a grapefruit. The only thing I’ll be putting on the beef is ground pepper. I don’t put anything on the grapefruit.

My backyard neighbors were outside this morning having their coffee while I was grilling my first burger. I’m constantly out there grilling, so maybe they didn’t think anything of it, but cooking hamburgers at 7:00 AM is weird, even for me.

My scale weight this morning is identical to what it was yesterday – 189.4 pounds. My abs are looking very good right now, especially first thing in the morning before drinking any water. Once I start drinking water they blur up a little, but Lisa says she can’t see any blurring at all and that it’s in my head. The little trouble spot bellow my belly button is actually starting to shrink, but the skin looks soft and somewhat loose. It’s a little jarring considering how tight the entire abdominal area above my belly button is right now. It’s like two different bodies joined together.

No workout today. Mastover said no cardio from here on out, and tomorrow there will be no leg workout. Instead, tomorrow evening I’ll do a light upper body workout just enough to get some blood flowing to my muscles. No workout at all on Friday.

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