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August “100 Challenge” open for entry; ON VACATION!

It’s vacation time! Beginning tomorrow (Saturday, July 21, 2007) I’ll be on a relaxing two-week vacation. This will be my final update to this site until I return on Monday, August 6, 2007. Even though I won’t be updating the main site while I’m on vacation, I will be making regular updates to my New Home Construction Journal, as the builders are about to break ground! Please note that this journal is in the VIP… [Read more]

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New feature: GymTicket; Mockingbird update.

You may have noticed the small green widget that was placed just below the main JSF menu late yesterday afternoon. This is a simple but very cool new service that will allow you to quickly and easily find gyms anywhere in the US. The company providing this service is called GymTicket, and their database of gyms is the largest and most complete on the web – well over 15,000 gyms are listed. This new tool… [Read more]

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Working out over lunch hour.

This week has been pretty hectic at work, as preparing for two weeks off is never an easy task. It’s amazing how many loose ends there are to tie up and things that need to be accomplished before I can leave. I’m making good progress, though, and I should have everything squared away by Friday. I may even be able to cut out early on Friday if I’m lucky! Something new I’ve been doing this… [Read more]

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Lisa’s lifting weights and working hard!

My wife, Lisa, joined a gym a few weeks ago and I’ve been impressed and inspired by her dedication! She has not missed any workouts, and has refused to make excuses. Her workout partner has bailed out at the last minute 3 or 4 times now, and each time Lisa went to the gym by herself and hit the weights hard. Yesterday at work the air conditioner failed and she had a hot, miserable, stressful… [Read more]

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You (yes, you) have incredible willpower; Getting rid of excuses.

Today’s update is something that’s been percolating in my mind for about a week now. This update is for those of you who always seem to be struggling to reach your goals. I see a lot of you hiding behind excuses and playing the “victim card” when you email me. I’m not attacking anyone, and I’m certainly not mad, but it’s time we shake things up a bit. It’s my hope that today’s article will… [Read more]

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Nasty pizza leaves me feeling like crap this morning; Weekly measurements.

I had my weekly cheat meal last night, and it was not too good. I think I’ve eaten my last Papa John’s pizza. I don’t know if their quality has declined or if my tastes have changed (or perhaps both), but I just didn’t enjoy the meal very much. The pizza was doughy, salty and disgustingly greasy. This morning I feel horrible: I’m bloated, hot and just… not feeling like myself. I also slept very… [Read more]

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I hurt; The Mockingbirds.

After a week of very heavy training, my body feels like it’s been dropped from a building and then run over by a train. Everything is sore this morning – even my back, which I trained last Monday! My delts rarely experience DOMS, but even they are on fire this morning. I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed this past week. It’s been nice to take a hiatus from my usual hypertrophy training. Focusing on… [Read more]

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Leg workout; Vacation reminder.

This has been an amazingly good week of training, and today I’ll be closing out the first week of my summer strength-building program with a “back-to-basics” leg workout. There’s nothing fancy here, just some good “staple” exercises designed to help me continue to build my strength. Once again, this is my Summer Maintenance workout schedule: Monday: Weight Training: Back, Traps & Rear Delts Tuesday: 12-20 Minutes HIIT Cardio (PM) Wednesday: Weight Training: Chest & Side… [Read more]

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Summer meal plan changes.

I’ve been on my summer meal plan for almost two weeks now and have decided to make some more changes. Nothing major, just some tweaks and adjustments that I feel will benefit me. As always, I’d like to detail those changes now… First, I’ve moved my workout to a slightly later time: my workouts will now start at 2:45 PM instead of 2:30 PM. I did this because my workouts are only taking 30-45 minutes,… [Read more]

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Chest workout; Custom workouts on my new bike; Half-Million posts!

My entire back is still burning from Monday’s workout, and today the strength building continues. I’ll be working my chest and side delts this afternoon, and HEAVY is the name of the game… Because of my shoulder problems, I have to be very careful whenever I do heavy benching. When I bench for hypertrophy, I use moderate weight, puff out my chest, aim for textbook form and I flare my elbows out almost parallel to… [Read more]

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